The Coach's Handbook

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The Coach’s Handbook is an accessible resource for those wishing to coach others who want to embark on a personal development journey. It  contains a step-by-step process to enable you to run a series of 10 coaching sessions. Containing both exercises and background  information it is designed as a template for working with individuals or  groups or for the reader. 
It uses the GROW model of coaching which was originally conceived by Sir John Whitmore and is probably the most widely used coaching model. GROW represents the four stages within the coaching process. G – goal setting, R – the reality of the coachee, O – the options that an individual can think of and wants, W – way forward,  planning how to move forward to achieve the goal(s) that they have set.  It begins with enabling the individual to think about what they want to do, what they want to have, and what they want to be. It them moves the person forward by encouraging them to explore options, think about what might be holding them back and how they might overcome these self-limiting beliefs. It concludes with commitments to take action