Slippers or Shoes? Working Remotely from Home

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A distance learning session includes a video with a PowerPoint presentation, Reflection Sheet and Action Plan. It is for anyone who is working remotely from home and covers all you need to think about in a short and to the point session.
It covers:
how you view working from home
getting your work space right
structuring your day
how you turn up for work
communicating with colleagues
agreeing expectations and discussing boundaries
using technology to help you
keeping a virtual social element to working from home
getting a work / life balance

TIME:  Watching the video 22 minutes,
           Completing the Reflection Sheet - 30 minutes .
           Completing the Action Plan - 20 minutes
           Total time:  - 1 hour 12 minutes 
When you order this distance learning session you will receive a link to download it to your computer.