Performance Appraisals

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What's in the pack: 

Delegate workbook (17 pages) 

Course Objectives: 
What is an appraisal? a textbook definition 
What is the benefit to the individual/ manager/organisation? 
Exploring communication skills to use during an appraisal 
Skills practice exercises 
Principles of good feedback 
Giving positive criticism, how to and skills practice 
The right tools to use for an appraisal
Checklist of helping and hindering behaviours 
Learning summary  and action planning 
Crib sheet 
Text book definitions of appraisals so you don’t have to look them up.

Summarises the key learning points of appraisal training that you need to weave into the day and some background philosophy that you can generate some good class room discussions with. All the basics are well covered in this great delegate pack with great graphics.

Written by Caroline Hinkes Easy Training Manuals

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