Is There Anyone Out There? - Managing Remote Staff

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A distance learning session video with a PowerPoint presentation, Reflection Sheets, and Action Plan. It is for anyone who is new to managing staff who are working remotely from home, and covers all you need to think about in a short and to the point session.
It covers:
Is it a challenge or opportunity?
Identifying the obstacles.
Putting systems in place.
Harnessing the right technology.
Fine tuning / adjusting your management style.
Considering team, task and individual.
Motivating your staff.
Considering your organisations' culture.
Managing expectations.
Investing in developing your staff.
Building the team.
TIME:  Watching the video 20 minutes,
           Completing the Reflection Sheet - individually - 30 minutes, (in a group 1 hour).
           Completing the Action Pan - individually - 20 minutes, (in a group 30 minutes).
           Total time: Individually - 1 hour 10 minutes, in a group - (2 hours).
When you order this distance learning session you will receive a link to download it to your computer. 
You can use this session as many times as you like within the purchasing organisation.