Introduction to Coaching

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What's in the pack: 
This half-day or one -day workshop (14 pages including appendix and suggested reading list) will help your delegates coach other people to perform at their best. 

By doing this, delegates will help others make better decisions, solve problems that are holding them back, learn new skills, and otherwise progress their careers. You will be able to introduce your delegates to the GROW model amongst other coaching tools. 

The GROW Model is a simple four-step process that helps you structure coaching and mentoring sessions with team members. 

GROW is an acronym that stands for: Goal, Current Reality, Options (or Obstacles), Will (or Way Forward)

Delegates can use the model to help team members improve performance, and to help them plan for and reach their longer-term career objectives.

Content: Session 1 

What makes a successful coach? 
Types of learning models
An exercise
GROW questions 
Suggested reading list

Content: Session 2 

Exploring communication skills for effective coaching 
How to build rapport 
Listening and questioning skills 
Giving and receiving feedback 
A chance to practice 

Written by Caroline Hinkes Easy Training Manuals