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What's in the pack:

We offer a complete trainers’ pack using the psychometric power of fruit, Jungian style, to build strong teams that understand each other and work well together.

Having completed the one-day workshop teams report:  Increased understanding, Better integration, Playing better to strengths and managing weaknesses, Improved appreciation of how fruity types influence and communicate with each other and how to improve it.

How fruity teams make decisions, speeding them up and slowing them down!

Duration 1 day

Intended for: 
Human Smoothie gives you the magic formula to adapt and connect with those around you- the ultimate map to achieving success and happiness at work and at home.

These training course materials provide a road map to adapt and connect to all the key people and situations in your work life using the psychological springboard provided by the work of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist.

These training course materials are useful for developing participants that are interested in using ideas from Jungian psychology to enhance their communication, personal effectiveness and team work in a fresh and fruity way that is easy to remember and even easier to apply!

The fruity metaphor is a fun and simple way to understand your natural preferences and to learn about your natural strengths, weaknesses and how to improve your working relationships (internal and external). It is a tool for discovery, growth and self-development. 


All the training materials necessary to run your own Human Smoothie training course:

The key aim of the course is to give your participants a road map to adapt and connect to all the key people and situations in their life.

Background to Jung's Personality Types - Jung's theory suggests that we all have different psychological preferences which determine how we behave, interact with others and make sense of situations around us. This session will give your participants a basic knowledge of the teachings of Carl Jung that will be helpful to clarify the philosophy behind this course

The Fruity Approach to Your Personality - This session will help your participants learn about their fruity concoction and natural ways of dealing with life. It will help them understand why they excel in certain areas of life but struggle with others, and why they can handle some people and not others. It will also teach them how to adapt to characteristics of the less dominant fruits in their smoothie and how to deal with each scenario in the most effective way.

Your Fruity Relationship Map - In order for your participants to gain the most out of their Human Smoothie they will need to look at themelves and the key relationships within the workplace, this may include internal and external relationships dependant upon the role. This is done by creating a relationship map and improvement opportunities via a development plan.

Review of Session - Creating an action plan to embed learning. 


At this end of this team building training course your participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the key principles behind the Human Smoothie
  • Identify your preferences to establish which fruit smoothie you consist of
  • Distinguish the various other fruity characteristics and how to communicate effectively with them
  • Diagnose the key relationships within your working environment and identify improvements using our fruity relationship map
  • Draw up an action plan to address your identified improvement areas   

Written by Caroline Hinkes Easy Training Manuals

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