How to Handle Confidentiality PowerPoint Presentation

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This manual has been written for the times when you have to get the basics of a subject over in a short time. It can be used for a stand alone session or as a module on a longer course. This manual is written as a power-point presentation (with trainer's notes written below each slide), which makes it very easy to deliver.
2-hour session, covering:
   -  what confidentiality is
   -  the differences between confidentiality and a secret
   -  types of information that are confidential
   -  when you should break confidentiality
   -  storing confidential information
   -  confidentiality policies
Can you keep a secret? 
What do you need to know to be able to do your job?
Keeping confidentiality scenarios,
In what circumstances would you break confidentiality?
How would you do it?
Thinking about storing confidential information. 

(29 pages and 16 slides) 

Written by Sandy Leong   Delivered to your inbox