Goal Mapping Workbook & CD

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Unlock the potential of your people: the most successful organisations of the 21st century will be those that are purpose driven and principle led, and which, through genuine care, develop their people into true leaders. 

This Goal Mapping Workbook is focused on learning to steer change towards the direction of your desires through the process and technology of Goal Mapping – learning to set and achieve objectives is the master skill of life as it is the skill that enables the achievement and learning of all other skills and objectives.

Rich with content in a step by step process with exercises this workbook will guide you or help you guide your team through the principles of achieving success in any endeavour:

• Raise your awareness
  Shift perceptions to gain clarity on reality
 Develop possibility consciousness
  Tune your beliefs to release your potential
• Find your balance: 
  Spread success through all major areas of your life
• Be 'on purpose': 
  Work in alignment with your self-motivation strategy
 Become fully 'response-able'
  Learn how to choose your response
 Maintain a positive focus

  Command your subconscious to create your own reality
 Seven fundamental laws of success

  Understand the natural principles of creation
 Seven steps of Goal Mapping

  Create your own Goal Map and action plan for your future

Includes a comprehensive 48-page Goal Mapping Workbook and an audio CD 

Written by Brian Mayne Lift International