Goal Mapping Guided Workbook

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Goal Mapping: The Guided Workbook 

The Goal Mapping Guided Workbook is an easy-to-use virtual reference guide to the Goal Mappingsystem.

Brian Mayne developed the Goal Mapping programme to powerfully impact your goals upon your subconscious. The programme is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern accelerated learning techniques, woven together with success principles into one holistic system, which appeals to everyone.

Where traditional goal setting techniques focus on left-brain words and endless repetition, Goal Mapping uses imagery – the language of the subconscious. It is the master skill for achievement in all areas of life: without doubt, the most powerful life empowerment programme for individual, team or corporate achievement.

This full-colour 45-page handbook takes you through the key steps involved in creating your own Goal Map. It also features stories and Goal Maps from people who have achieved their goals, to inspire and encourage you to create the life of your dreams.

The Goal Mapping Guided Workbook is the ideal reference guide to Goal Mapping, helping you stay connected to the power of goal setting.

Written by Brian Mayne, Lift international

Available in Adobe PDF format 45 pages Delivered to your inbox