Everyday Presentation Skills

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What's in the pack: 
The aim of this course is to develop delegates’ ability to speak and give presentations to a variety of audiences in a professional and effective manner. 

Overview of the most common speaking and presentation faults and some techniques that may be employed to avoid them. 
Mechanisms of voice — modulation, articulation, delivery tempo, etc. 
Different techniques for delivering prepared versus extemporaneous presentations. 
Using notes without appearing to read the presentation. 
Adjusting presentation style to the audience — casual, formal, technical, theoretical, etc

Optimising the use of audio-visual aids, handouts, etc 
Avoiding physical distractions — repetitive nervous gestures, etc. 
Staying on topic and adhering to time limits 
Projecting confidence, competence and credibility 
Handling difficult or delicate questions 
“Marketing” an idea or concept and achieving consensus 
Opportunities for practice and feedback

A one-day workshop. It includes: 

PowerPoint 19 slides, Delegate workbook & Trainers Notes

Written by Caroline Hinkes Easy Training Manuals

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