Diversity & Equal Opportunities

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A very comprehensive training workbook 

This training workbook is for you if you:
- need something which is not another policy manual
- need something that raises awareness of diversity and discrimination
- need a DIY training course
- need to experience 'difference' in the sense of another identity, or condition from your own in some small but significant  way
- need relevant facts to offset prejudice
It can be used with individuals, small and large groups, it can also be used as self study. 
Eight chapters covering, what is discrimination based on race, social class, gender, disability, age, transgender and sexual orientation, all with detailed background information and facts and figures  and easy to use exercises with full instructions and ideas for debriefing. 

'This is one of the most comprehensive workbooks on Diversity & Equal Opportunities, with so much information and so many exercises, it is something a trainer or manager will keep coming back to use time and time again'.
163 pages

Written by Maggie Kindred

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