Dealing With Difficult Conversations with Customers

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What's in the pack: 

Trainers can use the practical techniques in this pack to help delegates handle difficult and potentially confrontational situations and conversations confidently with external and internal customers.


By the end of the session delegates will be able to: 
Utilise their increased understanding of human behaviour under pressure  
Utilise specific communication skills that will help them manage difficult situations 
Identify passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour – and the effect of this behaviour on others 
Adapt a professional and appropriate style or behaviour when handling difficult people

Summary of Course Content:

What makes a person difficult? Recognising what difficult behaviour is… 
An introduction to transactional analysis 
How by understanding behaviour, we can modify other people’s style 
Communication skills that help deal with difficult people: paraphrasing, using feedback, listening and questioning skills 
Tips towards assertiveness 
Situations at work that may arise – highlighting practical ways of dealing with them 
Using positive language, verbal and non-verbal, and a positive approach to influence outcomes 
How this course fits into an on-going development plan 
Responds positively to criticism and learns from its ability to work productively under high pressure maintaining balanced emotions and a positive outlook.

Also contains PowerPoint Slides x 11, full set of Trainers notes’, Delegate workbook 11 pages.

Half-day event.

Written by Caroline Hinkes Easy Training Manuals

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