Complete Customer Service on the Telephone

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What's in the pack: 

A simple set of trainers’ notes can be found at the end of the pack.

This workshop works best as an in-house programme. 

In this excellent pack you have an in-depth customer care programme of 53 pages or about two days of material .This is ideal for contact and call centres and explores balancing customer care with targets and a team centered approach.  It aims to agree positive telephone standards and review individual behaviours and attitudes which will support their delivery to customers.

Meeting customer expectations on the telephone 
Creating a positive impression 
Creating an image with your voice 
Communication skills on the telephone – language that builds rapport
Active listening 
Accurate perception 
Questioning to get good information  
Telephone call handling 
Assessing customer needs 
Communicating positively  
Progressing/transferring calls 
Making calls 
Closing a call 
Assertive telephone communication 
Assertive versus aggressive 
Handling difficult calls 
The angry customer 
The criticising customer 
The mistaken customer 
The abusive customer 
Practical case studies

Written by Caroline Hinkes Easy Training Manuals 

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