Advanced Communication & Influencing Skills

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What's in the pack: 
A simple set of trainers’ notes can be found at the end of the pack. 

This workshop works best as an in-house programme. 

This is a comprehensive workshop that can be delivered in one or two days. It is suitable for people who need to communicate well and influence others. It is particularly suitable for empowering women in business.

Influencing skills will help delegates increase their credibility and help them achieve more in working relationships. The material in this pack is easy to follow and self-explanatory.  

Delegate Workbook 44 pages

Your influencing skills toolkit 
Communication styles that can work for you 
Handling potential conflict, aggressive people and put downs 
Self-assessment questionnaire 
Understanding how to project yourself and what makes people listen 
Gender specific communication styles 
Stress reduction exercises 
A case study in influencing skills, best practice

Skills practice exercises included

Putting it all together 
Underlying psychological principles behind communication and influence. Delegates will gain the skills and techniques to be able to apply those principles in everyday situations.

Written by Caroline Hinkes Easy Training Manuals 

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