21 Activities for Time Management & Delegation

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Are you looking for ideas & exercises for your Time Management & Delegation courses?
Do you need to cover Time Management & Delegation on your Management or Supervisors courses?
This invaluable resource gives you 21 exercises to use, all with training instructions and exercise templates to use with different groups.

   1.  Icebreaker - What didn't you do?
   2.  Icebreaker ... Who?
   3.  Time Management Attitude Assessment
   4.  How do you use your time? 1
   5.  How do you use your time? 2
   6.  How do you manage your time?
   7.  4 Quadrants - Managing my time
   8.  Time - Task Analysis
   9.  Are you well organised
   10. 6 Steps to overcoming procrastination
   11. Sold, Maintenance & Discretionary Time
   12. Are you an a.m. or a p.m. person?
   13. Your job, you & your time
   14. Time Evaluation - your job
   15. Time Management - An organisational prospective
   16. Time Auction
   17. Barriers to delegation
   18. Delegation - Thinking it through
   19. Exploring reasons for not delegating
   20. Action plan - Improving your time management
   21. Action plan for effective time management

All 21-Activities come with permission to print for use on a training course. 
(69 pages) Written by Sandy Leong.  Delivered to your inbox.

 'a really useful resource when planning a time management course, saved me loads of time'