21 Activities for Developing Listening Skills

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21 Exercises to use on listening skills training all with permission to print for use on a training course. Just what you are looking for to liven up your listening skills training

   1.  Icebreaker - Listening Situations
   2.  Icebreaker - Create Your Personal Shield
   3.  Icebreaker / Opening Exercise - Getting to Know You
   4.  What I Did Last Night
   5.  The Shop Lifter
   6.  Good Listeners?
   7.  Human Tape Recorders
   8.  Do I Care!
   9.  The Travel Agent
   10. That's Fascinating
   11. Are you Really Listening?
   12. You Will Talk!
   13. Dealing with Silences
   14. Trust Walk
   15. Does It Look Like This?
   16. The Art of Summarising
   17. Body Language
   18. What is s/he Really Saying?
   19. Reflecting Back
   20. What Should I Say?
   21. That's Not How I See It
(41 pages)

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