15 Exercises for Dealing with Difficult Behaviour in the Workplace

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Teams and workplace groups are mini-societies in themselves, subject to everything which surrounds them, sometimes 'infecting' them like a contagious disease: 
racism, sexism, prejudice towards disabled people, ageism, homophobia 

There's also potential for powerful conflicts surrounding leadership: 
rivalry, jealousy, competing with each other in an unhelpful way 

The goal is to utilise the strengths of the team's participants and negate their weaknesses in the best way possible. It is best to concentrate on problem behaviour, not problem people. 

The keynote is awareness – change can follow from this. 

15 Exercise to work on dealing with difficult behaviour in the workplace.
Contents include: 
Unclear messages,
Non-verbal behaviour, 
and most of the things which cause trouble, stress, and conflict.

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