Training via ZOOM

We have adapted many of our training programmes to be delivered via ZOOM.

These are short and to the point sessions, giving staff the knowledge they need, an overview of the skills they need in order to use the knowledge they have gained and an opportunity to discuss the content in small groups. 
We deliver the training backed up with a powerpoint presentation and make sure we facilitate discussion keeping learners engaged during the session. 
We set up Zoom and send a link to  attendees.

We have 'ready to go' training packages or we can adapt a package to cover the specific areas that you want. 

We limit participants to 10 to make sure all attendees can be involved in the training.


(If you can't see what you're looking for here please contact us, we have many more courses.)

Diversity & Unconscious Bias - 1 hour 
Why and how unconscious bias operates, hilltop theory, stereotyping and conscious / unconscious prejudices. Impact of discrimination, conscious / unconscious, benefits of diversity, using the emotional intelligence for personal development. Identifying possible conscious / unconscious bias in service delivery and recruitment. Identifying strategies to help to eliminate unconscious bias and promote diversity.
Fee: £10 per attendee.

Managing Your Time - 1 hour 
Why we need to manage our time, 5 steps to effective time management, how we use our time, checking on our work habits, 4 quadrant theory, your organisation, team & individual time management.
Fee: £10 per attendee.

Developing Critical Thinking - 1 hour
Developing the skills to analyse and evaluate information, 3 types of thinking - logical, creative and lateral, suspending judgement, understanding and acting on the difference between fact and opinion, asking the right questions. All leading to making better decisions.
Fee: £10 per attendee.

Managing the Change Process - 1 hour
Managers role in change, different types of change, how different people react to change, managing different reactions, planning and communicating the change.
Fee: £10 per attendee.

Understanding How to Present Well on a Virtual Platform - 1 hour
Dispelling the fear of presenting virtually, choosing the right technology, planning your presentation both content and your physical space, knowing how to keep your audiences attention with  both presentation style and language.
Fee: £10 per attendee.

Performance Management - 1 hour
Managers, need to adopt performance management practices that will facilitate continuous review and ongoing development of your department/ team. By managing the performance of the individual and team, organisational performance will follow and by raising individual and team levels of performance, organisational performance will also improve.
Fee: £10 per attendee

Managing Remote Staff - 1 hour
Managing staff working remotely from home is your normal work going ahead as usual but in a different place. However, as a manager you will maybe have to change or tweak your management styles and put robust processes in place. Managing staff who are working remotely requires more of a manager than managing staff in an office environment.
FEE: £10 per attendee.

More course coming shortly: 

Managing for Managers - 3 X 2 hour sessions
Building Confidence - 1 hour 

Training for Trainers - 3 X 2 hours
Negotiation Skills - 1 hour 

Contact us for details of the courses, or if what you want isn't here yet, email us to discuss.