About Us

Need training materials but have no time to research and write them? 
We know how long developing training materials or putting together a presentation actually takes because we have been doing it for over 25 years. 

Set up at Sandy Leong's kitchen table nearly 30 years ago we have grown to be a leading training company in the UK. We now offer you the opportunity to buy into our and other well-known trainers expertise as we have brought together some of the best training resources ready for you to use. 

We have 100's of resources and 1000's of ideas for you all written & tried & tested by expert trainers. Engaging, interactive, packed with activities with comprehensive trainer's guides, ready written case studies and other exercises. 
All you need to run interactive, high quality training sessions, coaching sessions and presentations to many different audiences.

  • Save yourself preparation time with our off-the-shelf training manuals.
  • Deliver excellent training sessions / presentations with our resources. 
  • Liven up your sessions with exercise, games and training toys.
  • Check out our free resources and 'how-to' videos.

    MyTrainingResources grew out of Sahara Consultancy, established in 1987 providing training to the private, community, voluntary and not-for-profit sectors.