Time Management & Organisation Trainer's Notes & Workbook

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This material has been written to run 2 X 1 hour sessions or 1 X 2 hour sessions with small groups of people (content best suited to women) who are looking to get their lives back on track.  Ideal for working with individuals who have had challenges in their lives that they are trying to overcome.

Contents cover:
Why we should manage our time. 
What do you want to achieve? 
What stops you achieving what you want? 
Setting goals - Be / Have / Do. Visualizing your goal.
5 steps to effective time management. 
How do you use your time – timelog. 
Sold, maintenance and discretionary time. 
Planning & prioritizing. Beating procrastination.
Finding people to help you. 
Action plan. 
This material consists of trainer's notes to guide you through the 2 sessions and a workbook for delegates to use during the sessions and to keep as a record.
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