Interview Skills

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As your delegates know, the interviewing and selection of the right people is paramount to the success of every team and organisation. Sometimes, the interview and selection is costly in terms of time and resources, especially if the wrong decision is reached. It is critical that the right candidate is appointed first time. This practical Interview and Selection Skills training workshop will provide your delegates with guidance in the skills and techniques essential to conducting a successful selection process.

The course includes group discussions, exercises, role-play and an Interview Skills Questionnaire, enabling your delegates to benefit in the best way possible.

Contents: Delegate workbook 23 pages. PowerPoint 36 slides.

Setting the scene 
Sample job description 
Developing a person specification 
How to develop a competence statement 
Evaluating CVs 
Key skills practice 
Taking notes during an interview 
Interview planning and evaluation 
What does the Merchant of Venice have to do with interviewing?

Written by Caroline Hinkes Easy Training Manuals

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