Recruitment Interviewing

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A skill development training courses designed for you to pick up and deliver with the minimum of hassle. Comes complete with all the materials you need to run the training course. No design worries! ‘Copyright waiver’ is included so that you may amend the materials to exactly suit the training need.

What does it cover? 
The aim of the  recruitment interviewing training course is for participants to understand selection strategy, appreciate the role of the recruitment interview, its benefits, how to conduct the interview and applying key skills used during the preparation and delivery of the interview.

The training course covers:

  • The objectives of a recruitment interview
  • Consequences of making a bad recruitment decision
  • Discrimination legislation and its impact on the recruitment process, including job adverts and interview questions to avoid
  • Psychological barriers in judging interviewees
  • A strategy to get the right fit
  • Writing a ‘person’ specification
  • Essential steps in preparation, including screening application forms
  • Competency based interviewing
  • ‘Funnelling’ technique in questioning
  • Effective listening skills and positive body language signals
  • Setting the correct physical environment for undertaking the interview
  • The W.A.S.P. technique to structure the interview
  • Role play in delivering the recruitment interview, with feedback from colleagues

The course material is designed to be interactive with discussion, formal input, written exercises, syndicate work and role play.

What do I receive?

  • 46 colour slides in MS Powerpoint
  • 57 pages of comprehensive trainer notes (contained in the ‘Notes’ section of the slides)
  • 48 page delegate handout supplied in MS Word, to help delegates collect notes from your training session
  • Exercises on discrimination and application form screening (supplied on MS Word)

A Copyright Waiver Licence is included in the price, so that course material may be adapted to suit your own/ organisational needs e.g. add your own logo; change the colour scheme of the slides; include extra material.

Duration 1 day

Written by Bryan Edwards ABC Training Solutions

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