Managing Professional Relationships Assertiveness

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What's in the pack?:  
The pack includes: Delegate workbook, Trainer's notes and PowerPoint slides. 

Designed for: 
People who want to promote good working relationships and communication by developing a straightforward and confident approach that gets the best from people at work including: staff they manage, colleagues, managers, and customers. 

To introduce participants to a confident and effective approach that enables people to develop productive working relationships and to negotiate and manage realistic solutions to issues and problems at work.

Summary of Course Content: 

What is aggression? 
Non assertion 
Effects of these types of behaviours 
Developing strategies to increase personal effectiveness 
Making and refusing requests 
Disagreeing and stating your views 
Giving and receiving praise 
Giving and receiving criticism 
Recognising influences and factors which affect and inhibit behaviour 
Resolving conflict

Delegate workbook 19 pages 

Trainer’s notes 5 pages and 13 PowerPoint slides included

Aims/ objectives and desired outcomes 
Fun Icebreaker 
What is assertiveness?
Key ingredients and behaviours 
Rights and responsibilities 
Innovative group exercises, syndicate work and discussions 
End of morning learning review 
Exploring different assertiveness  techniques 
Final exercise 
Final review 

Written Caroline Hinkes, Easy Training Manuals
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