3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Presentations & Grab Your Audiences Attention

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3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Presentations & Grab Your Audiences Attention

3 Quick Tips.. How to start a presentation that will grab your audience’s attention

1. Don’t start with who you are. They should know who you are because they are there to listen to you.

2. Start with an attention grabber.
Good morning ladies and gentlemen  ….. (a shocking statement) Did you know that in 60% of companies staff have more than 20 days off sick each year?

Or... Good morning ladies and gentlemen ….(rhetorical question) Did you know that out of every 10 people in the UK 4 will suffer from some form of mental illness during their lifetime.

Or... Good morning ladies and gentlemen…… (paint pictures) Imagine that you are sitting on a beach with a cool drink in your hand listening to the sound of a blue sea lapping onto the white sand.. .whilst also hearing your phone beeping as another order comes into your inbox.

Then introduce yourself and what you are going to talk about. My name is …… and I’m going to tell you about…….

3. Make sure you stand up straight to deliver this opening, that both feet are planted firmly on the floor, take a deep breath to fill your lungs with air, look at your audience and project your voice to the back of the room. Ooze confidence, enthusiasm and pleasure at being there in front of this audience.

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