3 EASY ways to FEEL CONFIDENT to STAND UP & SPEAK to an audience

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3 EASY ways to FEEL CONFIDENT to STAND UP & SPEAK to an audience

Research has found that a lot of people would rather die than stand up and speak in front of a group!  Yes, they prefer death to speaking in public. Although I always think faced with the real choice and not ticking a box on a survey their choice might be different.

Here’s 3 EASY tips to make sure YOU FEEL CONFIDENT in front of a group and don't feel that you might die.

  1. Be prepared. Of course, that is so obvious. However many people forget about this bit of being prepared. Think about what your audience wants and what message you want them to go away with. Plan your speech / talk to match this.
  2. Learn it! Not verbatim that never works well. But so you can remember the flow. Break it into chunks in your head and turn it into a cartoon strip so you can visualise the path the speech / talk is going along. Record it on to your phone or other devise and listen to yourself. Not only will this enable you to learn it you can listen to how it will sound to your audience. You will be able to identify any bits that don’t make great sense. Reading it doesn’t work in the same way.
  3. When you get in front of your audience, stand up straight, display the confident and enthusiastic you. That’s what your audience wants. They want you to be in control so they can relax and listen. And of course make sure you enjoy yourself.

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